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Adventist Help, partnering with ADRA Iraq / Kurdistan, is operating the only emergency medical care field hospital East of Mosul. This unit was opened  in June, 2017 and was serving 5 camps in that area, serving over 100,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs). The hospital is based in Hasan Sham U2 Camp, and also services the surrounding camps (until end of December, 2017 four camps, Khazer M1, Hasan Sham U3, Hasan Sham M2, and Chamakor, this last two were closed since then). It is open to IDPs from outside these camps as well as people from the host community, who also struggle from severe lack of health care.

IDPs were fleeing the conflict to the east of Mosul and arriving to the camps daily with conflict related injuries and health issues that require emergency, in-patient care. Until the the establishment of this hospital, advanced diagnostic capacity was unavailable in this area, resulting in patients being transferred to Erbil hospitals and facing delays and access issues at checkpoints, increasing fatalities.

The emergency medical unit consists of a resuscitation area for adults and children, with fully equipped adult and child crash carts, defibrillators, suction, monitors, and oxylogs. There is also a triage area and an X-ray/ultrasound room, pharmacy and laboratory services. In-patient care is provided in three wards for males, females and children. 

We also provide essential psychological services for the residents of all camps.  Among the refugees and IDPs (especially among the Yazidis), there is a high number of women and children who have become victims of sexual violence and require urgent medical and psychosocial assistance. They have only limited opportunities to receive the needed psychosocial support in the camps and hosting communities and they continue to be unable to function in their daily lives as a result. 

Funding is urgently needed in order to get the hospital operational so that the needs of the IDPs and surrounding community can be met.

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