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Adventist Help is a medical humanitarian initiative established in October 2015 in response to the refugee crisis developing in Middle East and Europe. 

Adventist Help began in Lesvos. Established medical NGOs were not adequately responding to the enormous number of people arriving on boats. The Adventist Help bus became the go-to point for medical care on the island. Thanks to the support of numerous partner organizations involved in the work, we have rapidly developed our clinics to be able to provide more comprehensive medical care to the refugees. We now operate a primary health care clinic in Oinofyta, mainland Greece, and an emergency hospital on the outskirts of Mosul, Iraq. 

The medical needs are immense. The majority of refugees are desperately poor, having spent most of their savings getting out of the war zones. They are particularly vulnerable to exploitation. Refugee children are even getting involved in child prostitution in Athens in order to pay for food for their families. Families in Mosul are struggling to afford even grass to eat. Their horrors are far from over. The critical role of smaller NGO's and relief organizations like Adventist Help to provide adequate care for these groups cannot be overemphasised.

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